Ceramic Photo Tiles FAQ's

How long do orders take?

It takes about 2 weeks from the moment we receive the order. Delivery will be in 5 working days in the local area. Please allow extra time for delivery in other areas.

Will my photo tile look exactly the same as the picture does on my computer screen?

No, it will be close but there can be slight differences. When you look at the image on your screen you are looking at a high definition image. The ceramic toners are not the same as the toners used to print photographs,they are specifically designed for this process and the main difference is in the Magenta and bright colours. This is because the toner is made from gold resulting in a different hue.
Our ceramics are printed and then kiln fired to 900 degrees that will last a lifetime, this process also results in slight variations and a reduced image quality.

Can you remove unwanted objects from my image?

Yes we can. Our staff can remove people, objects, change backgrounds, remove watermarks and can combine images to create a new image at no extra charge.

What is the best kind of image?

Digital images direct from your computer or camera are ideal, otherwise find the best quality image you can, the bigger and clearer the image the better, remembering there will be a slight drop in the quality of the finished photo tile. Please leave image in its original size do not crop them, this is something our staff are trained to do, it is easier for us to remove than rebuild.

How do I attach my ceramic photo tile?

We recommend for installation of ceramic memorial photos that you use a clear silicon adhesive. If using silicon, make sure the area is dry and cleaned from any dirt or oil.
Make sure the ceramic is pressed firmly into the desired position and not moved or repositioned once placed.
The full adhesion will take approximately 72 hours.

Australian Photo Ceramics

Ceramic Memorial Photo Tiles use the finest Italian porcelain to design beautiful permanent ceramic photos of your loved ones. Photos are printed using special ceramic toners that are kiln fired to produce a permanent memorial that is weather and UV resistant in the harshest conditions.

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Australian ceramic memorial photo tiles & memorial supplies

Australian Ceramic Memorial photos Tiles & Memorial Supplies is a family owned business based in the south east of Victoria which has been operating since 2010 manufacturing ceramic photo tiles.

Ceramic Photo Tiles are the manufactures of ceramic photo tiles we are not  re-sellers. Our kiln fired photo tiles are 100% UV resistant and will not fade thanks to the use of only the best in technology from Italy, America & Germany.